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About us

Commercial and Industrial Enterprise "Ukrtekstilsnab" was founded in 1999 on the basis of Marganets Webbing Weaving Factory and is, by far, the largest manufacturer of webbing in the territory of Ukraine.

Manufacture of textile production in the factory started back in 1970. The factory produces and sells the large assortment of products for the enterprises of the following branches of industry:

  • electrical;
  • rubber;
  • sewing and knitting;
  • footwear;
  • furniture ;
  • automobile ;
  • medical;
  • food.

as well as many bands and cords for special purposes.

The main consumers of technical bands are rubber products factories, metallurgical plants, mining and concentrating combines, electromechanical plants and railways. Enterprises making garments and knitwear, mattresses, military-industrial complex of Ukraine, companies selling sewing accessories, etc. are also our consumers.

The enterprise has a laboratory for control of manufacture and product quality. Laboratory is provided with all necessary regulatory documentation, is equipped with testing and auxiliary equipment for conducting physico-mechanical and physico-chemical testing of incoming raw materials and finished products.

We can easily design and manufacture bands for you on your individual orders.